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Llanvihangel Crucorney PRIMARY SCHOOL

Dosbarth 2

Welcome to Class 2
Croeso i Ddosbarth 2​
2017 - 2018


Spring 2018

Gwanwyn 2018

World War 2


We will be updating this page to keep you updated about what we are doing each week. Please feel free to leave any comments through the 'Guestbook' under the community tab.





Upcoming events in Dosbarth 2:

Brecon Museum Trip - Tuesday 27th February

​Eisteddfod - Thursday 1st March

​Y5/6 Gilwern Trip: Monday 23rd - Wednesday 25th April


Don't forget to keep practising your times tables at home. Here is a fun website to use:



Class Blog

Blog Dosbarth​


​We have had a fantastic first week back in KS2. To start, Year 3 and 4 have learned how to use a dictionary and have discussed whether Britain should stay in or leave the EU. Year 5 and 6 have also been discussing if we should stay in or leave the EU and we have also written a speech ready for our class debate next week.

In maths, Mr Davies's class have been multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100. Mrs Williamson's class have been interpreting pie charts. In science our topic is materials. Year 5 and 6 have done an experiment to see what would happen if we mixed different solids and liquids in water. Our favourite part of the week was when we learnt how to play Japanese drums. It was amazing!​



This week we had a really good week in maths, English and Topic. Firstly in maths we have been doing fractions and everybody got on very well. We added and took away different fractions, and others multiplied them too.  In Mr Davies’s Class the children worked out how far the Vikings travelled.  They must’ve been very tired because they used oars to move the boat.

In English we have been learning how to write fantasy stories. In fantasy stories you can write about imaginary worlds and talking animals and invented creatures.

Meanwhile, we also looked at atlases and maps in our Topic lesson.  We researched the capital cities of countries in Scandinavia. We also looked at some of the tourist attractions in Stockholm. The Ericsson globe looks really amazing.

CB & MB​


What a fantastic week we have had. We have solved a murder at the SPaG bowl using our spelling, punctuation and grammar. We have also been improving our writing using powerful adjectives.

First we solved all the clues in the SPaG bowl and it was the COOK who murdered the food inspector (it wasn’t actually real!). We have also been doing different graphs and fractions. We had to simplify and find equivalent fractions. We also made a fraction wall that was really fun. In our topic we have been learning about Scandinavia and we learned a song about the Viking gods.

In science Y5/Y6 has been learning about forces and we are doing an experiment to see if lighter objects fall quicker then heavier objects.  Y3/Y4 they have been discovering which magnet can hold the most paperclips. We enjoyed the experiment very much and we hope we will do it again.




This week in school we made Tudor houses with Miss Lewis. It was fun!!!! We also drew firework posters for Belgrave Park bonfire night. Two year six children went to King Henry VIII School to learn how to be sports ambassadors. In English we are writing persuasively. In Science we've been learning about light and we learnt that not everything that is light is a light source. In history we've been learning about Tudor houses and we learned how replica and original houses look so different.


In maths we've been backing up statements with odd and even numbers and in Mr Davies' class they have been using the column method to add and solving word problems. In Welsh we made a story map and we played a Welsh game called Ping Pong.







This week we have been writing persuasive letters to Katherine Parr to persuade her to marry King Henry VIII. In maths we have learnt about positive and negative numbers and we had a test to test our knowledge about positive and negative. In Mr Davies' class they have been looking at different ways to add numbers together.


We have been writing in the first person in Welsh and then we typed it up on the laptops. It was really fun to do. In science we are now investigating light. We have learnt that the moon and water are not sources of light. In art we have been designing Tudor houses that we are going to make next week. So stay tuned.







This week in class 2 we we made Tudor windows with Miss Lewis. We also designed our Tudor windows on the computer. We stuck the tudor windows on the glass door and the windows in the classroom and they look really colourful. In maths we looked at probability and we used dice to play wacky races. Mrs Williamson predicted 7 would win because that is the most likely number to come up but only one group had 7 come first. We also learned probabilty isn’t always correct. Some of the year 6s have been doing the nth term and that is a term finder in a sequence.


In English we have been doing persusive writing and using EFRASER and we wrote a letter to King Henry VIII about divorcing Catherine of Aragon and marring Anne Boleyn.


In Mr Davies’ group they have been doing mutiplying by 10 and 100 in maths, and in English they have also been doing persuasive writing. In science the whole class have being doing a science experiment about what is the best sound insulator and we tested different materials . After we got the results we put the results in a results table. The science experiment was our favourite part of the week.







In maths this week we used the diamond method to double and halve numbers and in the mornings we had AS maths to do as well. So far in English we have been writing Cinquain poems about Wales and Haiku about the seasons.


Meanwhile, in Science we are learning what makes a noise and we are planning an experiment to find out what makes the best soundproofing. In Year 3 and 4 we made telephones from paper cups and investigated how sound can travel through solids, liquids and gases.


Our favourite work this week was our Topic lesson about the Tudors. In a group we have been writing a non-chronological report about King Henry VIII’s wives. We also had an ICT lesson and we ALL ENJOYED IT A LOT!! We’ve been coding in Scratch. We have learnt a lot and have improved our ICT skills.









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